Mrs. Fixit: Custom Lampshade

December 4, 2010

Starting from the back side of the shade, use a hand held hole punch to punch holes around the top and base of your shade.

You can space them however you'd like. Closer together will cover the top and bottom, farther apart will allow you to see the shade between the swirls of ribbon.

Once you've finished the holes, you can start threading the ribbon. Starting at the bottom of the inside of the back you want to thread the ribbon through the hole from inside to outside and then around the bottom and through the next hole. Repeat all the way around the bottom. Tuck the end tails around each other to hide the ends.

For the top, i like to finish it off with a bow. Starting in the center of the front, work from the outside in this time and leave a good sized tail to tie the bow with at the end. Work your way around and then tie off a bow at the end and trim the ends of the ribbon at an angle.

That's all it takes to make an elegant or whimsical shade for your lamp. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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