Temple students give freedom by design

UPPER SOUTHAMPTON, Pa. - November 13, 2010

21 year old Joey Bodick is what you might call a game show fanatic. He could watch them all day and often does. But these days, the only show Joey really cares about is outside of his window. It just so happens he's the star.

"Like he knows what's going on, like you can tell he knows what's going o, even though he can't verbally communicate it to you," said Temi Fasusi.

Temi Fasusi is leading a team from Temple University, all architecture and engineering students, in building Joey a new wheelchair ramp. See, Joey suffers from cerebral palsy, but, looking at his smile, perhaps suffers is the wrong word.

"He seems to understand, and he laughs every time the kids come in to see him," says Carol Lowe.

Carol Lowe is Joey's Mom, the one who takes him to school and back every day, the one who used to depend on an undependable lift to get her son into and out of the house.

"It was a problem with breaking down, so if I'm alone with him, there's no way to get him in the house," said Lowe.

Right about the last time it broke down, Carol heard about this group, and their program, called Freedom by Design. College kids from Temple, who give up some of their social lives to give some semblance of life to others.

"It's rough, but it's one of those things where you get so much gratification by doing good work that it's worth it," says Temple student, Autumn Hurley.

The students aren't only donating their time to build this ramp...they're raising money so that Carol doesn't have to bear the cost.

Before the students began building the permanent ramp, they first constructed a temporary one to ensure that Joey's day-to-day life wasn't interrupted even for a moment.

Their goal, to physically lift a physically impaired person, but what they're really doing is lifting a family.

"They are amazing, it's amazing," said Lowe.

"It's just like the greatest feeling in the world to know you've helped somebody out, you know, who needs the help, you know?" asked Fasusi.

Joey knows, and by all accounts appreciates every minute.

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