Pointers for parents of twins, triplets or multiples

December 14, 2010

Here are some wonderful tips for making your life easier at the holidays and all throughout the year if you are trying to parent your little ones and get errands, cooking, shopping or decorating accomplished too! Thanks to Dagmara Scalise, author of TWIN SENSE, for the helpful ideas!

-If your twins or triplets aren't sleeping through the night, buy a white-noise machine to help the off-duty parent sleep.

-Use Podee hands-free baby bottles to feed your little ones simultaneously. It'll save time and your sanity as you try to multi-task.

-Buy several Step2 Push-Around Buggies so one adult can push both small kids at once. They're car-shaped with a horn and are fun with seat belts for safety. Your twins will love it!

-Make your own activity box to keep the toddlers busy in restaurants or at parties. Markers, Crayons, glue sticks, small stickers, paper, small toys are good for occupying your tikes.

-Use rubber mats on hardwood floors so they won't slip. You can get the interlocking kind that are brightly colored for children, or the regular inexpensive ones...both so they don't slip and slide, don't get bruised as they're learning to walk and don't get splinters.

-Get 2 memento boxes, since it's unlikely you'll have time to make photo albums any time soon. Just put that clip of hair, the hand and footprints from the hospital and all those adorable photos in separate boxes so each twin or triplet will have a box of priceless goodies and memories when they're older.

-Have family members babysit in pairs if you're lucky enough to have that much family living nearby. It will be less traumatic for grandma or your aunt if they have backups. You want them to volunteer again someday.

-Take advantage of discounts for multiple children. Here are some:

Babies R Us - 10-percent off for twins/triplets
Drypers Corp. and Kimberly-Clark - discounted diapers
Beechnut - discounted baby food
Healthtex - discounted clothes
Fisher-Price - discounted toys or coupons for toys

Good luck with your little guys and enjoy the holidays!

Monica M.

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