Mrs. Fixit: Velcro

January 16, 2011 9:38:38 AM PST
Hook and loop, sure you've seen it on clothes but I have a host of other ideas for you.

If you have a sweater looking a little worse for wear? Use the hook side of some hook and loop to easily remove pills.

Wrap it around your hand and working in the same direction as the stiching to gently remove those pesky pills.

Use some hook and loop to keep track of a remote control, especially a small one like you might have for a stereo. Just put the hook side on the stereo and the loop side on the remote.

This will give you a spot to store the remote and the loop side won't scratch surfaces when you put it down.

Try using some stick on hook and loop to hang a lightweight picture.

It will hold securely and a little heat from the hairdryer will loosen the adhesvie and let you remove the piece when you want to!

If you have a cushion that's always slipping around, use some hook and loop to hold it in place.

Just a few of the ways that hook and loop and keep you a little more secure! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!