Windowizards suddenly shuts down

LEVITTOWN, Pa. - December 17, 2010

Barry Goodman, one of the co-founders and company president David Goodman left the corporate office late Friday with little to say about the situation.

The doors are locked, the trucks are parked and about 100 employees are out of work just a week before Christmas.

No one's answering the phones and the website has been shut down. There were just a few workers left on-site.

One of the other owners is Harvey Goodman, who lives in Florida. He has been in touch with the Bucks County Office of Consumer Protection where they've logged close to a hundred complaints on Friday.

The office says Goodman has assured them that he will be coming back to Pennsylvania to help straighten things out.

In the meantime, contractors and customers who've put up thousands of dollars as down payments are left wondering if they'll get their money back.

The workers apparently collected a paycheck on Friday, but now face the grim prospect of unemployment in a tough economy.

Sub-contractors say they're owed thousands of dollars with no hope of seeing any of it.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's office is also monitoring the situation, urging customers to keep their documentation. The county office says it's very unusual for a company to go dark so suddenly, but they're hoping the elder Goodman makes good on his word to get people their money back.

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