NJ gets ready for yet another snowy blast

January 10, 2011 3:33:58 PM PST
Some areas of New Jersey, that have barely cleared snow dropped by the last storm, are getting ready for another blast.

It's a challenge for snow weary residents and cash-strapped townships that will have to pay to clean it up.

In Spring Lake there is still a mountain of snow three stories high right next to the boardwalk. Shore communities are bracing for another hit after barely recovering from the budget-busting blizzard in December.

"Our budget is gone. We're lucky we're in a new year," said Wall Township Business Administrator Joe Vurruni, saying the cost will be three or four times the budget.

Wall Township and many other shore towns were overwhelmed by the December blizzard that dumped 30 inches of snow. They were still trying to clear parking lots and streets a week later.

Now road crews have repaired equipment damaged in that storm and our getting ready for the next go-round.

"We're just doing the final maintenance on the trucks," said Pete Gray of the Monmouth County Highway Department. "Most of the trucks have all been fueled up."

Emergency management officials in Atlantic City, where it snowed heavily over the weekend, say they have 38 plows ready to go. Trucks were out on Route 195 on Monday morning, trying to avoid a repeat of the paralyzing December storm.

"I'm hoping and praying it's not that bad," said Kenny Fahnholz of the Monmouth County Highway Department. "We should have everything under control."

Sally Meagher had a different plan to deal with the snow.

"I'm ready to move to Florida," she said.