Exclusive deals on warm weather travel

February 9, 2011 9:10:01 PM PST
Winter weather has many people thinking about a warm weather getaway.

Action News is opening the door to some exclusive deals on hotels around the country and around the world.

Action News has found three exclusive clubs that offer huge discounts on travel. You can get 60 percent off luxury hotels around the country and around the world.

They're free to join, but normally you have to be invited to become a member. The great news is these private sale sites have agreed to extend membership to all our Action News viewers.

"We are going to Riviera Maya," said Nick Saint-Victor.

Nate Saint-Victor and his wife are jetting off to Mexico on Thursday, and they're staying at an uber posh, five-star hotel for half off, all thanks to their Jetsetter membership.

"They have these flash sales where it's up to 50% off any trip you take, and its luxury. True luxury," said Nate.

Right now you can book a 10-person private hacienda in Merida, Mexico with a 23-person staff, spa, and pool for $90 per person per night.

"And that includes transfers and some tours, all your food and non-alcholic drinks," said Kellie Pelletier MacDonald from Jetsetters.com.

John Goldthorp says Jetsetter saves him money and the time he'd normally spend researching hotels.

That's because the company hand-picks properties and their travel journalists verify them for quality.

"I like the fact that they go to the places and review them firsthand," said John Goldthorp.

Another private sale site, TabletHotels, also vets properties and offers only an elite selection.

"We are picking very carefully hotels that provide an experience," explains Laurent Vernhes.

But again, the discounts are remarkable.

Right now get half off the normal room rate at Hotel St. Augustine in Miami! From $299 a night to $149.

Sniqueaway is another members-only site to which Action News viewers now have an exclusive invitation.

Rooms at the Beacon in Costa Rica, normally $169 a night are $85 for Sniqueaway members.

A suite at the Platinum Hotel in Vegas is just $60 a night.

For extra savings, stay someplace other than a hotel. Istopover will connect you with homeowners willing to rent out their spaces at low, low rates.

For the best prices on airfare, book on Tuesday mornings or at the latest on Wednesdays.

Travel expert and Jetsetter executive, Kellie Pelletier MacDonald also says make social media your friend since that's how airlines often announce special sales.

"Make sure you're a fan on Facebook and following them on Twitter," said Kellie Pelletier MacDonald.

And check out Kayak or Fly-dot-com, which scour cyberspace for the best deals offered by airlines and third-party discounters like Orbitz and CheapTickets.

The cheapest destinations right now, for under $300, fly from PHL to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Mexico. For under $200, head to Miami or Fort Lauderdale!

As for rental cars?

"There is a great new website called Autoslash.com, and what I love about Autoslash, once you make your reservations, they continue to look for sales," said MacDonald.

If Autoslash finds a better deal, even from a different company, "They'll cancel one reservation and make you a new one, and you have a better price," explains MacDonald.

Kellie used AutoSlash for a rental car reservation in Texas, and the price went down four times in just one week.

Click on these links for your invitation to get exclusive travel deals from private travel sale sites:


More links to save on travel:

www.fly.com www.autoslash.com

www.priceline.com (Priceline is another way to get great rates on rental cars - use the "Name your Own Price" feature)

And a couple more tips to get discounted airfare:
If you have a Mastercard or Signature Visa credit card, see if your credit card company is running any promotions.
-Use credit cards that offer airlines miles as well as annual free companion tickets. (Some real estate companies will even let you pay your rent on your credit card. That's a great way to rack up a lot of miles in a short time.)