Easy way to find coupon codes

April 7, 2011 11:24:56 AM PDT
On Saving with 6abc, we've showed you several times how to search for coupon codes before you checkout with an online purchase. Up until now, that process has involved opening another browser window to perform your coupon search.

But now, there's a new tool that makes finding online coupon codes even easier -- that tool is called "Drop Down Deals."

"It's the easiest way for people to get the best deal," explains Aaron Mendes, one of the founders of Drop Down Deals.

Here's how it works. First you go to Drop Down Deals.com and hit the download button to install the program.

Mendes says, "Then once that's installed, whenever you go to a shopping website, it will show you coupons that are available for that site."

"It's not like a toolbar, where you see it all the time. If you're on CNN.com or abc.com, or a site that isn't a shopping site, you never see it, so it doesn't bug you while your not shopping."

And unlike some coupon sites, once a coupon code's expired, Mendes says it's removed from Drop Down Deals.

And Mendes says that Drop Down Deals doesn't collect information about you or your shopping habits to share with retailers.

"We don't store any what's called 'personally identifiable information.' So, we don't store who you are or what you bought,' he says. "All we do is we detect what website you're on and show you coupons and then that whole transaction is done, so, there's not privacy concerns." To install Drop Down Deals, click here.