Action Plan to begin a nutrition initiative in your School District

April 12, 2011 2:43:59 PM PDT
Jill Florin, the leader of the Nutrition in the Schools initiative, offered this plan on how to get involved in your child's nutrition at school.

1 Check if you already have a district initiative leader: go to to see if in fact there is already a designated Nutrition in the Schools leader in your district. If so, contact them to become part of the school committee, if not then contact us through the website and let us know you want to lead the initiative in your district.

2. Find and read the Wellness Policy: If you will be leading the effort in your district, start by reading and getting familiar with your wellness policy, which every school district has and should be located on your school district's website.

3. Join the Wellness Committee: Find out if your district has a Wellness Committee and if so, see if you can join to work on continuing to review the district wellness policy to ensure that it reinforces nutritional food options during school hours and nutrition education in every grade.

4. Organize your supporters: Organize a parent group of supporters and volunteers by asking people to join you at your school parent organization (PTA/PTO/HSA) meetings.

5. Meet with Food Services: Schedule meetings with your Food Service Director to find out about the type of foods currently served for the school meals and if there are any specific regulations that need to be followed.

6. Meet with the Superintendent: Meet with your School Superintendent to explain the importance of the nutrition initiative and ask if a parent focused Nutrition Advisory Committee can be formed to work on menu improvements with Food Services.

7. Attend School Board Meetings: Attend School Board meetings regularly speaking during community input to increase the awareness and reinforce the importance of the nutrition initiative to gain their support.

8. Schedule Community Events: Schedule events that will help to get the school and community involved to promote nutrition.