Police: Kids found in feces-filled Bucks Co. home

Pictured: Chelsea Champey

April 28, 2011 2:43:55 PM PDT
A mom in Bucks County is under arrest after, police say, her children were found alone in a feces-filled home.

Chelsea Champey, 21, of Spruce Street in Bristol, was arrested Monday and faces felony child endangerment charges

"This wasn't a one-time mistake, this was a course of conduct. This was neglect," said Deputy D.A. Blake Jackman.

It all began back on February 15th when police went to her home in the 600 block of Spruce Street to investigate an unrelated complaint and found three children, ages 4, 2 and 1, home alone.

Once inside, the officer saw that there was an open bottle of liquor on the table, as well as the remains of a marijuana cigarette in an ashtray. Under the table were feces that, the officer said, did not appear to look like that of a domestic pet, but appeared to be human.

Police say there were no animals in the home, and Champey allegedly later confirmed to them that no animals were present.

In the kitchen, the officer found food scattered on the floor and bags filled with rotted food stacked against the refrigerator.

Upstairs, on the second floor, the officer said he found rooms filled with dirty laundry and more feces. On a nightstand was a box of opened razor blades. There was no running water in the home, and the tub was encrusted with a pinkish substance that had solidified.

A rear bedroom on that floor was occupied by the 1-year-old, the officer said, who was in a crib covered in feces.

The officer then says he encountered a stairwell to the third floor that was dead-bolted from the outside. Up the stairs the officer says he found a 2-year-old completely naked and covered in feces.

Police also say they found scrape marks on the inside of a door which, they believe, were made by the child "clawing" to get out.

Feces were also found smeared on a stairwell banister, on a television, furniture and bedding, the officer added.

Police say there was only one smoke detector in the home, on the third floor, and it was 'chirping' to indicate a low battery.

The children were placed into custody of Bucks County Youth and Human Services immediately after the discovery in February. They were placed in two separate foster homes.

At least one neighbor, Michael Bogges, said he is relieved because the kids weren't being cared for.

"Everything is always a mess. The kids are always out here with their pampers drooping. They're hungry, they're in the street, they're everywhere, you know?" Bogges said.

But friends of Chelsea Champey defend her.

"I've never seen poop or them even being dirty. I've never been to the attic so it might have been, but when I seen her kids they were always clean," said neighbor Tangie Smith.

The house was declared unfit for human habitation but, neighbors say, someone has been cleaning out the contents, which were stacked in the alley.

Unable to make her $75,000 bail Chelsea Champey remains behind bars at the Bucks Co. prison.

Charges were just filed this week because police needed time to complete a more thorough investigation which finally led to charges.