Philadelphia officials may try to stop firefighter calendar

May 3, 2011 1:34:38 PM PDT
A firefighter who posed shirtless for a charity calendar may be heading back to work, but the controversy may not be over just yet.

Mayoral spokesman Mark McDonald tells Action News that the city law department is looking into the possibility of stopping the use of a photo showing firefighter Jack Slivinski.

A final decision on the matter has not been made, McDonald said.

Action News learned on Tuesday that the publisher will, in fact, go ahead with the calendar which is due out in August. Jack Slivinski is expected to be "Mr. May."

This comes just hours after the 31-year-old Slivinski learned his punishment - a verbal reprimand.

There was confusion because he got permission for the shoot from the union but not from the fire department.

Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers told Action News last week that the department has a long-standing policy of not participating in such calendar shoots.

Slivinski, who had been suspended, will be allowed to return to work next Thursday. He will be given his old job back with the elite Rescue 1.

The proceeds from the calendar, being produced by New York-based photographer Katherine Kostreva and her company, On Point Publishing, will go to charity.