Free jewelry! Too good to be true?

May 3, 2011 9:21:33 PM PDT
Action News discovered two websites that claim to offer jewelry for free and I think you'll be surprised by what we found out.

Who could resist free silver and designer jewelry, especially when you can order as many pieces as you'd like?

Action News decided to find out if these deals were too good to be true.

We ordered several pieces and within a couple weeks they arrived.

The jewelry comes in cute little bags and says the jewelry we received was sterling silver and tiger-eye.

We ordered a pendant from, too.. It's supposedly sterling silver with citrine and amethyst. SilverJewelryClub says the retail price is $49.99 and while it's "free" - beware - you do have to pay $6.99 per piece for shipping and handling and if you want a chain, that's $4 extra.

A pair of earrings from we bought may not be big, but the website says they're sterling silver, too, and retail for $39.99.

FreeSilverJewelry charges $7.95 per piece for shipping and handling.

Now the packaging says shipping cost just $1.22, but again, we paid $6.99 and $7.95.

The companies say their charges include labor, taxes, packaging, etc. as well as the cost to mail.

And we do figure, $7 or $8 is still a very small price to pay for jewelry, if it's real.

We took our jewelry to Scott Collins of Gold Guys LLC who has been in the jewelry business since 1971.

After scratching, filing, and testing the jewelry with acid, Collins relayed some good news.

Collins said all our pieces were real silver and the stones were genuine gems!

In fact, Collins says we got quite a deal, especially when it comes to the earrings.

"Well, you did very well on those because if you had to buy them retail, they're probably about a $40 pair of earrings," Collins said.

By the way, both companies promise they will not sell or distribute your information to third parties.

And since ordering, we haven't received spam in our email inboxes or any junk mail from even these companies.

And I know the big question is WHY do these companies offer free jewelry?

Both say this is their way of introducing their products and publicizing their brand name and on both websites, you will see places where you can click to buy jewelry.