Four wanted in hospital thefts

May 4, 2011 3:37:01 PM PDT
Police say there's a group of four bandits stealing money from employees of local hospitals.

In surveillance video captured inside Taylor Hospital in Ridly Park, one of the suspects can be seen walking in, grabbing a drink at the water fountain, and then proceeding to the medical offices. There, police say, he stole a wallet from an employee's purse and ten minutes later, he is shown strolling with what appears to be the wallet in his left hand.

"Walks in like he owns the place. If he's challenged, he's probably going to make some stupid excuse, oh I thought it was the way to the bathroom," Detective Sgt. Harold Snyder of the Ridley Park Police said.

Police believe the man in the video is part of a criminal ring made up of two men and two women.

Taylor, Crozer-Chester Medical Center, and Paoli Hospital are among those that have seen pocketbooks and purses disappear.

"They go right out within an hour, they've racked $5,000 to $6,000 worth of expenses on the credit card," Snyder said.

Images taken from a Target store in Springfield show two women suspected of racking up thousands in charges in a matter of minutes.

"In our case, the victim was notified by the credit card company of unusual charges. She goes to look to see where her credit card is and it's gone," Snyder said.

The alleged crooks have used a blue Chrysler in several of the thefts. The hospitals tell Action News only employees have been victimized, no patients or visitors.

The hospitals are working closely with law enforcement to bring down the criminal enterprise.