Tech-savvy 23-year-old wins NJ election

May 12, 2011 1:35:26 PM PDT
The new 23-year-old president of South Orange plans to solve the northern New Jersey community's fiscal and security problems with the same tools he used to win election: social media, new technology and strategic marketing.

Alex Torpey says he can start closing the town's $1.4 million budget gap by using technology to cut costs and attracting new revenue through creative online promotion.

The media consultant, graduate student and volunteer emergency medical technician edged out a township trustee by less than 1 percentage point in Tuesday's municipal election, making him one of the youngest municipal leaders in New Jersey history.

He'll be sworn in Monday.

He's already teaching police to use Twitter to track and preempt "flash mobs" - seemingly spontaneous gatherings of hundreds of teenagers that have become problematic for police.