Parents can rent toys from Toygaroo

June 13, 2011 2:48:42 PM PDT
Like most three-year-olds, twins Oliver and Violet love new toys. At first.

Mom Aimee Sheaffer says, "My kids tend to tire of their toys quickly, so I would end up having to rotate them from room to room or in storage and out of storage and it just got to be a lot of clutter."

That's why Sheaffer was excited to join a toy-rental club called "Toygaroo."

"It's kind of like a Netflix for toys," Sheaffer says.

Toygaroo offers a number of rental plans. The least expensive allows you to rent four toys every other month for $25 a month. The most expensive includes eight toys every month for $53 a month.

Parents choose from 500 toys, according to their children's ages and interests.

"You fill your "pouch" up with 10 to 12 toys and they send you four," Sheaffer says. "You can keep them as long as you want and I think you can even buy them if you want to in the end. Then you send them back and get a new shipment."

Sheaffer says in the past, she bought toys she thought her children would like, and when they didn't she felt as if she'd wasted money.

With Toygaroo, if the twins don't like a toy, Sheaffer can trade it in for something else.

All the toys are sanitized and a paid shipping label is included.

And just for Saving with 6abc viewers, Toygaroo is offering an exclusive discount code. Use the code 6ABC to save 10% on any subscription plan.