Jordanian king's car attacked with bottles, stones

In this Saturday, June 11, 2011 photo released by the Jordan Royal Palace Jordan's King Abdullah II, center, waves to people from his car during celebrations, in Amman, Jordan. In a speech marking his 12th year as Jordan's ruler, Jordan's king says future Cabinets will be formed according to an elected parliamentary majority. It is the first time that Abdullah II made such a concession publicly to his citizens. Jordanians have been demanding that the king loosens his absolute grip on power, which includes appointing prime ministers and Cabinets. (AP Photo/Jordan Royal Palace, Yousef Allan)

June 13, 2011 5:26:58 AM PDT
A Jordanian security official says the motorcade of King Abdullah II has been attacked with empty bottles and stones during a visit to a southern town. The king escaped unharmed.