Authorities break up Philly cockfighting ring

July 20, 2011 2:04:28 PM PDT
Dozens of roosters have been seized by the Pennsylvania SPCA following the bust of an alleged cockfighting operation in North Philadelphia.

Investigators served a search warrant at 3047 North Reese Street on Wednesday afternoon.

The PSCPA say it is the site of a "major" cockfighting operation.

Officers found 31 roosters, 15 doves and 13 incubating eggs in the home, which was vacant. The birds were brought out in boxes and loaded in a van.

Inside, investigators say they found equipment used for training and fighting the birds. They also found paperwork directing them to a house nearby and were waiting for a warrant to search that house.

They do have a suspect in mind, but do not have anyone in custody.

The birds, meanwhile, were described as being in "excellent" shape.

"They use these animals for fighting and, at the level they were fighting the birds at, they are conditioned athletes," said George Bengal of the PSPCA. "We found a lot of injectables in there."

The roosters will be held as evidence as the investigation continues.