Serial bank robber still at large

PHILADELPHIA - July 29, 2011

He was released from prison on July 2nd after serving a lengthy prison-term for a string of bank robberies. But officials with the FBI say he went back to his old ways about a week later by trying to hold up the Bank of America on East Allegheny.

As of today, he's wanted for a total of 8 bank robberies in Philadelphia over the past three weeks.

FBI investigators say nobody was injured during the hold-ups but they want to get him off the streets before that changes.

"Bank robbery is a crime of violence," said FBI Philadelphia branch Assistant Special Agent John Cosenza. "The notes threaten violence. Even though he hasn't produced a weapon, the demand notes say that he has a weapon and says that unless he gets his money, there will be violence, so we take it very seriously."

Digman, who also goes by the name John McCue, is described as about 5 feet 10 inches tall with a thin build. He also has several tattoos including one with the name "Sherry" on his right forearm.

The FBI is very confident that he is hiding out in the city but he has been known to spend time in Kensington and South Philadelphia as well.

So, they're reaching out to the public for help.

"We think he can be easily identified and that's what we're looking for, somebody to step forward and give us a location," Cosenza said.

If you have information that can help lead investigators to John Digman, you're asked to call the FBI here in Philadelphia at (215)418-4000.

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