Some say enough is enough after Hatboro flooding

HATBORO, Pa. - September 9, 2011

Floodwaters still fill the cup holders in a Thunderbird outside. It is one of at least 10 cars Wayne Moffa lost during Wednesday night's rain..

"I'm going to clean everything up, we're going to liquidate our inventory and start over again, somewhere else," Moffa said.

Moffa's business, Car Nu, has been flooded four times in just four years.

He was ready for Irene, but this week's deluge took him and others by surprise.

"And we weren't prepared. We didn't realize we were going to get that much rain or we would have moved our cars again and made preparations but we had no idea," Moffa said.

The entire complex has been condemned after floodwaters knocked over an auto shop's containers of waste motor oil.

And while the businesses may be able to reopen after clean-up and an EPA inspection, Moffa doesn't want to take any more chances at this location.

"Yes, we're having a massive sale this weekend, all the good cars, all the cars that weren't affected by the flood and people are welcome to bring their mechanic or take them to a mechanic to have them checked out," Moffa said.

The Quigley family, which owns Quig's Pizzeria, doesn't plan on returning here either.

"I just finished cleaning two nights ago, at 1:00 in the morning, everything was fine and then the second wave came through," Robertly Quigley, Jr. said.

It wiped out the family's hard work and the money they need to keep the business afloat.

The Quigley family still owes the bank $200,000 on the business and they never got flood insurance.

"The cost of it alone could almost put you out of business," Quigley said.

The tenants tell Action News the landlord does have flood insurance. The problem is that insurance only covers the building not the contents they need replaced.

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