Get rid of unused prescription drugs

October 19, 2011

Social Security increase for seniors
Starting in January, people on Social Security will see a 3.6% payment increase. The adjustment is being made to meet new cost of living standards. Because inflation has been very low in recent years, beneficiaries have not seen an increase since 2009. That's when they received a 5.8% percent boost.

Drug drop-off sites
Wondering what to do with all that unused prescription medication you have around the house? Now you can drop off those drugs at sites around the country - no questions asked. The Drug Enforcement Administration is organizing the effort to prevent drug use. You can drop off your unused prescriptions from 10am until 2pm next Saturday, October 29th, at a long list of places all across the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys. You can track down a location near you by clicking this link. All of the drugs will be incinerated.

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