Don't buy; Borrow with SnapGoods!

September 20, 2011

Let's face it: There are certain things you only need every once in a while.

But you can't always rely on family or friends to lend you what you need. That's where SnapGoods comes in. It connects you with strangers willing to loan out all kinds of stuff at a discount.

SnapGoods is also good if you want to try something out before deciding to buy or if you need some extra cash: You can post what people can borrow from you!

In the Philadelphia area, people have posted all kinds of items they're willing to loan out: pasta makers; a kayak; an appliance dolly; and a table saw.

Rental prices vary, but the reservation fee for many goods is about $10/week. Signing up for, posting, and browsing on SnapGoods is free.

But if you borrow a good that makes use of the SnapGoods secure payment system, you will be charged a small fee on top of your reservation fee. The fee is 50 ¢ per reservation and 7% of the reservation fee.

If something goes wrong, SnapGoods guarantees it will get your goods repaired or replaced. The company will also provide you with a temporary replacement for the few days it can take to patch things up.