From victim to anti-bullying crusader

WYNCOTE, Pa. - September 20, 2011

Last January, video of 13-year-old Nadin Khoury getting assaulted off campus by seven older and bigger kids from the Upper Darby School District went viral.

Khoury was also hung up on a fence by the classmates.

After the attack, Nadin became a national poster child for anti-bullying crusaders.

Nadin is now a thriving 9th grader at the Wyncote Academy in Montgomery County. He is forced to commute two hours a day, but he says it is well worth it to be in the positive environment.

"I've never been bullied in this school; I don't plan to on being bullied at this school because all the other kids have been bullied and they don't want to be what they hate," Khoury said.

Wyncote Academy is a 100-student private college prep school specializing in helping kids who've been terrorized in public school.

"He's doing really well. He's adjusted nicely. He feels comfortable, he feels safe. He's earning good grades," Principal Kirk Hittinger said.

Experts say bullying continues to reach epidemic levels. In fact, they say the problem is worse than ever affecting more than 5-million school children in the United States.

"Once a kid feels safe, they start doing really well at school academically and the sky's the limit," Hittinger said.

This weekend Nadin and his principal will be the featured speakers at national anti-bullying campaign kickoff in Washington.

Here's a portion of Nadin's speech:

"They bother you just for being you. The craziest thing about it is that when you speak up and try to get the attention of your school, teachers, and administrators nothing happens. And the same kids mess with you constantly and constantly."

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