Mosquitoes are multiplying in South Jersey

MEDFORD, N.J. - September 21, 2011

Burlington County Entomologist Tom Verna says mosquitoes thrive in wet conditions and the ones he's been seeing are hungry.

The Burlington County Mosquito Commission says complaints have quadrupled recently. The county has technicians spraying wooded areas where water is pooling along with neighborhoods where the skeeters are swarming.

"We try to take care of the larvae to prevent the adults from emerging. As far as the adults, we're trying to knock them down as best we can," says technician Tom Emery.

Of course spraying won't get rid of the skeeters completely. Homeowners have to do their part to make sure there's not standing water around that can serve as a breeding ground. Certain species can breed in a small bottle cap full of water.

Officials say to check your yard. Turn over toys, flower pots, lids, and containers - anything that can hold standing water. A garbage can full of dirty water can breed a million mosquitoes.

Alice Wittmer of Medford is thrilled to see the county spraying in her neighborhood. She says the mosquitoes have been so bad she can barely go out of her house.

The spraying will help, but it will take a hard frost to get most of the mosquitoes to die off and give everyone break.

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