The dangers of street racing

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - October 14, 2011

A video obtained by Action News shows you first hand, just how dangerous things get on the roadways when guys on dirt bikes and quads run wild, then post it on YouTube.

"It's a well produced video that documents what The Four Dirt Bike & Quad riders call, their Little Police Chase Down by the Airport."

The cameraman describes the incident as a 6 minute chase that he had to cut down to 2 minutes in the video, they are seen riding down the Schuylkill Expressway doing wheelies & continue on the Platt Bridge where soon, they're being pursued by a police car:

They make a run for it at a high rate of speed dodging through traffic. They continue on Enterprise Avenue towards Fort Mifflin, an area long popular with dirt bike & quad riders:

Capt. Kevin Hodges of the Philadelphia Police said, "This is a section in the 12th district that is notorious for dirt bikes & for the quads."

Unknown to the riders, police have blocked off the other end of Enterprise Road. One guy had his quad confiscated but he fled on foot into the dirt trails at Fort Mifflin. The others manage to divert into the trails as you see a police car passing by searching for them on the street.

Police confiscate whatever quads are left behind, but more often than not, they are not registered so there's no way to trace the owner. But these guys have made it easy for police. The producer/cameraman of the video posted his name & those of his partners.

Capt. Kevin Hodges would love to have his officers focus on property crime which is significantly up in the 12th district instead of dirt bike & quad riders looking for cheap thrills:

"...I have to have officers down there trying to make sure that the roads are safe for everyone to drive & trying to discourage these individuals from operating their dirt bikes & quads in that area," said Hodges.

The four thrill seekers may soon regret posting their information on YouTube because police will be using it to try and track them down. If caught they will be charged with reckless & careless driving which results in points on their license and a large fine.

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