Hollywood Buzz: Michael Lohan, Bruce Willis, Bret Michaels

October 27, 2011

Holy Beebs, Batman!
17-year-old Justin Bieber showed off his new ride, we're calling it the Bat-i-llac. A Batmobile look-a-like with his initials "JB" painted on the door. He was rolling in his Cadillac CTS-V when he reportedly cut off a cop. There's no word on whether he was wearing a cape, mask or utility belt, but we can tell you the officer apparently had either Bieber -- or Batman -- fever and let him go with just a warning. Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller snapped the pictures.

Michael Lohan Arrested Again] After being released from a Florida jail, Lindsay Lohan's father was arrested again. /*Michael Lohan*/ was first jailed on domestic violence charges. After his release yesterday, the victim told police he made a harassing phone call. He says he didn't. When police went to his hotel, they say he tried to escape by jumping off a balcony. They think he broke his foot, which is why he's being held in a hospital until he's cleared.

Bruce Willis and wife expecting
/*Bruce Willis*/ and his wife are overjoyed now that they're expecting their first baby together. They say they look forward to welcoming this newest addition into their family. Willis has three daughters from his previous marriage with /*Demi Moore*/.

David Cook on tour
Singer /*David Cook*/ is back on the road, showing off songs from his newest album "This Loud Morning." OnTheRedCarpet.com caught up with him after his Los Angeles area concert last night.

"After taking a year and change to make this record and all the time really to get to this point, to be back on the road now is fantastic," Cookd said.

He'll perform in York, Pennsylvania November 5th.

Bret Michaels donation
Rocker /*Bret Michaels*/ is making a big donation to an Arizona hospital. He plans to give new TVs and sound systems for a hospitality and music room at the same facility where he was treated for a brain hemorrhage last year.

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