Pay 6 Forward: Havertown, Pa.

HAVERTOWN, Pa. - October 24, 2011

There were some rules.

You can't keep it.
You can't give it to anyone living with you.
You can't give it to a family member.
It has to go to a friend or neighbor.

I could see Frank Cavone had someone in mind.

Frank wears a heart monitor and can't work himself. But he wanted to help his neighbor with Parkinson's Disease.

It turns out Fran and Terry McCollum have been struggling for years. Fran has to push Terri's wheelchair up and down the hill in their yard.

She has to lift the chair with her husband in it over the curb to get him in a car. So, he's barely been out of the house in months.

They seemed like the perfect couple to surprise.

Frank explained Pay 6 Forward and gave the money to his neighbor.

With money in hand, Fran really seemed in shock and her thoughts of course turned to Terry.

Now that Terry can't walk we could see how difficult it is on Fran and Terry told us it's been rather depressing, but this surprise lifted his spirits.

"I think it's great someone is thinking of me," Terry said.

Terri simply wants to go to an Italian restaurant! Hopefully, he can now.

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