Police uncover "filthy" daycare in Bucks County

LEVITTOWN, Pa. - October 27, 2011

The Buck County District Attorney says the inside of this home was filthy. Feces were on the floor where children played and detectives found kids playing with unsafe tools. The DA also said infants and toddlers were being neglected.

The daycare operator, Lisa Swenson, and Lamar Rieck are now charged with endangering the welfare of children, operating an illegal daycare and other charges.

"They would leave the kids running around the streets. They'd be losing kids on the streets. It's been kind of crazy the last couple of years," said neighbor Elaine Nahil.

Nahill contacted the Department of Public Welfare. It began an investigation in July after police found the alleged filth while investigating a sexual assault claim.

The department issued a cease and desist order, citing these high risk conditions such as unsupervised children, unclean spaces, and "a perpetrator starving a child living in the home."

A spokesman could not provide more details about that alleged perpetrator.

Public Welfare says Swenson applied for a residential day care license in April of 2010.

It allowed Swenson to care for 3 or fewer children. Since that license allowed for only a few children, it did not need to be inspected.

Neighbors say there'd be upwards of 20 kids in the house. Swenson even advertised in The Courier Times under "Lisa's Affordable Daycare."

"They were reasonable rates. We're talking $60 a week for daycare and they were advertising for 24 hour care," said Nahil.

Other neighbors say Swenson seemed like a nice woman, and had no idea of the deplorable conditions inside.

"They looked like very nice people, and the kids were clean, so I don't know," said neighbor Maria Ninarvac.

It also appears Swenson was getting state aid for this daycare. The Department of Public Welfare said it is investigating how that happened.

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