Football coach's suspension sparks outrage

PENNS GROVE, N.J. - November 15, 2011

The parents brought their concerns to the school district headquarters Tuesday.

They are upset with the suspension of Penns Grove High School football coach and teacher Kemp Carr. The action comes just a few days before a big playoff game.

"The community is outraged. We stand behind him on this one. It comes at a critical point where it's a distraction to the kids," parent Walter Hudson told Action News.

School superintendant Dr. Joseph Massare, while unable to discuss the personnel matter, assures parents the suspension has nothing to do with any type of criminal action.

"It's a simple matter of following board policy, board procedure. And that is what we are going to review at the next meeting," said Massare.

Sources tell us that Carr failed to report a fight between two players as required by board policy. And apparently this wasn't the first time.

Carr is a very popular coach, producing a 58-32 record since starting his coaching career at Penns Grove High School in 2004.

"Anybody that cares, loves me and knows me. They know I'm all about the kids. I would just like them to know I always have the best interest of the kids and their safety in mind," Carr told Action News.

The team is already in the playoffs, but when the players take the field against number one rival Pennsville on Friday night it will be without Coach Carr.

He will have his day before the board on Monday. At that time the members will decide his future.

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