Series of events brings man back to life

UPPER MERION TWP., Pa. - November 15, 2011

Jonathan Weaver is an avid cyclist. His normal routine is a 25 mile loop.

On October 6th he decided, somewhat unusually, to push it to about 30.

But that's perhaps the least of the reasons why October 6th would be considered unusual.

In the next few minutes on that long bike ride, Jonathan would lose his life, but because of the way the stars were aligned, he would get his life back.

Riding up Valley Forge Road in Upper Merion, Jonathan noticed a strange sensation. It is the last thing he remembers.

Somewhere along the stretch, he suffered what doctors call instant cardiac death.

Some might say it was his time to go, but fate had other plans.

Paul Keen of Upper Merion Township was the first to arrive and the one who called 911 in the critical seconds before Jonathan stopped breathing.

"I seen what looked like a backpack on the road and I got closer, I seen it was a human," Keen said.

As luck would have it, an off-duty nurse drove by as he dialed.

So did Lauren Hurley, an off-duty paramedic, who happened to be out running errands.

"I literally watched him take his last breath ," Hurley said.

She began CPR, keeping blood pumping through Jonathan's still lifeless body. But fate was not finished yet.

Upper Merion Police Officer Blaine Leis typically works the night shift, but that day, he had an early meeting.

Call it, right place, right time, because Officer Leis is also a paramedic, who heard the call just a half a mile away.

"I was in the station, just pulling out of the station in my patrol car," Leis said.

Using a defibrillator he carries, he restarted Jonathan's heart.

The 61-year-old who died on the street was brought back to life thanks to a series of people who chance delivered at the moment of death, delivering him a second chance at life.

"I haven't got to a point where I've figured out how to interpret it, but I'm glad to be here," Weaver said.

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