Workouts to prepare for Thanksgiving - 6at4

PHILADELPHIA - November 16, 2011

Cynthia Brown of Core Fitness took Action News through an intense workout; the first of six leading up to Thanksgiving. It includes plenty of strength training and tons of cardio to get our hearts pumping.

Maurice Williams, North Philadelphia firefighter who takes the class said, "Pumping through my shirt. I can look down and see my heart so it's really good."

Plus, there's some yoga and stretching. The class is called F.A.T. but it's not what you think. It stands for "Fit At Thanksgiving." .

Brown says many people slack off on working out when it starts getting darker and colder outside and as we approach the holidays.

The FAT class aims to change that and it's for people of all fitness levels.

"We want to do something that gives you a reason to get out of bed, something that says this year is going to be different. I don't have to fall into the same routine."

Still many admit they'll use the extra calories burned to help them indulge guilt free on Turkey Day.

"There will definitely be more intake for me on Thanksgiving," Yajaira Curiel said.

Brown says, "It gives you a little bit of a cushion so maybe you can say I earned this, I deserve this but at the same time you can also say I worked really hard for 6 days prior to this meal, I want to feel really good going in and I want to feel really good going out."

So she recommends everyone keep moving over the holiday season whether it's here or on your own and keep an eye on how much you're eating to avoid dreaded holiday weight gain.

The Fat class is keeping Donna Fenske motivated to stay fit, especially when she knows she'll see results.

"I plan on being sore tomorrow but I'll show up again," she said.

And if you'd like to join us, there is still room. You can sign up for the rest of the program or pay $15 per class. Or if you are not ready yet, Core Fitness is also planning a "12 Days of Fitness" in December. For details on that or for more information on the F.A.T. class, visit:

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