Grand jury: 'Scorned' Montco woman lied about cops

LOWER MERION TWP., Pa. - November 18, 2011

A report by a grand jury concluded that Gabrielle Drexler, of Lower Merion Township, was "a woman scorned and sought retaliation against members of the police department."

District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman announced Drexler's arrest on Friday.

It all began back on May 18th when Drexler appeared at a public meeting of the Lower Merion Township Commissioners and accused one officer of the Lower Merion Township Police Department of stalking and indecent assault and a second officer of illegal detention.

Ferman said Drexler had a failed romantic relationship with the officer accused of stalking and indecent assault.

However, when Drexler found out that he was married with children, she became angry and it was that anger that caused her to move forward with these actions, Ferman said.

After making those claims on May 18th, a county detective followed up on those claims and contacted Drexler at her home. She allegedly told the detective she had emails that contained proof of the stalking and assault case. She allegedly gave the detective printed-out copies of the emails and forwarded others electronically.

However, investigators say, they discovered a discrepancy between the printed-out emails and those delivered electronically. That's when they asked to inspect Drexler's computer.

At that point, police say, Drexler stopped cooperating with the investigation. Detectives obtained a search warrant and examined the computer.

During the exam, police say they found that someone used the computer to edit one of the emails to support her claims.

When she testified before the grand jury, Drexler claimed those emails were not altered, and also testified that her email account is password protected and that no one else has the password. 

She also testified that no one else ever used her laptop except her, the grand jury reported.

When questioned on the stand about the differences in the two sets of emails, Ms. Drexler stated the additional and incriminating language just, quote, "magically appeared."

The grand jury also investigated the illegal detention claim of Drexler's and found it had no merit, saying the officer in that case "acted professionally and courteously."

Drexler was charged with Perjury, Tampering with Evidence, False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities and related offenses.

Drexler was arrested on Friday and bail was set at $50,000.

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