Palmyra officials: Lawns are not parking lots

PALMYRA, N.J. - November 21, 2011

"We have a lovely community with these beautiful homes and, if you have somebody that pulls their car right up to their front door, it does not lend itself to the charm and what we're trying to present by way of the community," said Councilwoman Carol Riener.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit parking on the grass if you don't have a driveway, limit it if you do have a driveway and all driveways would have to meet new, stricter codes.

The idea is not going over well on streets like Delaware Avenue where, in parts, there is no parking at all on either side.

"If I go food shopping or whatever I'm supposed to walk all the way across the street with my bags to come all the way to the house? No. Not happening," said Debbie Scafiro.

"I think it's ridiculous. We're paying taxes and, I mean, we take care of our house. We should be able to park wherever we want on our property," said Stephanie Luczkowski.

"If there was better, other options then I agree, it doesn't look nice. But would you rather it look nice or have convenience for the people you care about?" said Monica Keating.

The new rules on where you can park you car and how to build driveways that meet regulations would go into effect June 1st.

"I'm sure that it's going to be inconvenient to some folks. We understand that and appreciate it and that's why we wanted to give them this lead time in order to do what they had to do," said Palmyra Business Administrator John Gural.

Yvonne Long has one car in the driveway of her Market St. home and 2 on the grass beside it.

"I guess that's a reasonable thing to say, that it doesn't look nice," said Yvonne Long.

A public hearing on the ordinance will be held December 12, the same night the borough council is set to take a final vote.

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