6at4 Business Report: Netflix, Orpah, Cyber Monday

November 23, 2011

Netflix predicting more losses
Nnetflix sure has had its share of problems this year and next year doesn't look any better. Netflix is now saying it will lose money next year after subscribers jumped ship after announcing that 60% price hike. The stock price has been in a free fall since Netflix's price increase was announced. Now the company is trying to raise $400 million by taking on more debt and selling more stock.

Rent Oprah's mansion
How would you like to rent Oprah's pad in Chicago? according to Business Insider the talk show host is renting the mansion which has three bedrooms, a solarium and a two car garage for a mere $15,000 a month.

Cyber Monday shopping At work
Planning to take advantage of Cyber Monday? Well some employers are hoping you don't take advantage of them. A new report shows companies are cracking down on people shopping on the job. Out of 14-hundred employers surveyed in the U-S, more than half said they planned to block access to sites. Those who would allow it, said they'll still be on the lookout for excessive use.

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