Tool library offers saving to Do-It-Yourselfers


The West Philly Tool Library is a non-profit co-op that was started about 15 years ago. Members pay $20-$40 a year, according to their ability.

Stacey Toliver of the Tool Library explains, "For your subscription, you have access to all the tools we have available. And you can take them out for up to a week, with the potential for renewals as well."

Tools are ideal for borrowing for several reasons, as Librarian Kathleen O'Donnell explains.

"If you have these tools, you have to have a place to put them.And a lot of people don't have a garage, so they're piled in their basement, they're hard to get in and out, and if you only use them once in a great while, they're very expensive to have."

Most of the tools at the tool library have been donated, though the board will use money from the memberships to buy some high-demand items. And no matter what your project, you're likely to find what you need: anything from small items like hammers and drills to large specialty items like a cement-mixer or an engine hoist.

Plus, members share tips and advise.

You don't have to live in West Philadelphia to join the West Philly Tool library. It's open weeknights and Saturdays. Just click here for more information.

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