Occupy profile: Steven Venus

PHILADELPHIA - November 30, 2011

One of them is Stephen Venus, who, for some, became the face of the movement.

We met the Bryn Mawr native on Sunday as he fortified his section of the encampment at Dilworth right as the eviction deadline approached.

"It's like losing a battle if they take this away from us," he said.

His work continued on Monday with more wood and more fortification. Then came even more nails and hammers on Tuesday. All the while he was disobeying police warnings even as the number of protesters at Dilworth dwindled from hundreds to dozens.

"They keep sending us notices that the cops are gonna come in here and tear us down."

Early Wednesday morning, that's exactly what happened.

Police asked him to get down from his fort and when he didn't, the structure came down. He was not arrested.

As he departed the scene, Stephen Venus told Action News he was heading "wherever 'Occupy' takes me.'"

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