Philly Rising cleaning up the community

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - December 3, 2011

That's where neighbors, city employees, prisoners and even some folks from Occupy Philadelphia got together to clean up the trash locals say is left by drug dealers, illegal dumpers and other criminals.

Fed up with it all, residents asked for help and got it through Philly Rising, the city agency that provides troubled neighborhoods with enhanced access to city services and resources.

"When people care about their neighborhood, if we could give just a little bit of assistance and a little bit of support, that partnership can turn a neighborhood around," Mayor Michael Nutter said.

"We really brought a ton of resources today, not only cleaning the streets and the lots, but actually getting a mural painted, too, to really leave a physical imprint on the area to say that there are good residents here who want to do something," Philly Rising Director John Farrell said.

"I'm just speechless because it's clean, but the most important thing is keeping it this way," Evelyn Gray of North Philadelphia said.

Residents are clear about wanting this area cleaned up and say they'll come back as many times as they have to keep their neighborhood clean and crime free.

"We're not going give up on our neighborhood. We're not going to give up on the people in it. Because we're going to change their minds around here. That is how it should be, safe and clean," Nicole Mann of North Philadelphia said.

The city donated $1,000 worth of cleanup equipment to the cause and is promising to keep helping residents in their quest to improve their quality of life.

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