Parenting: Do you have a favorite child?

December 5, 2011

Live host Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos admitted to having a favorite and they say, they aren't alone.

Collen Lelli an assistant professor at Cabrini College says that may not necessarily be the case.

"You might like one stage over another or one age over another. At that point in their life, you might feel like they're your favorite, but in actuality it might be the age that you really like," she said.

Professor Lelli also says she is not surprised anyone would favor the youngest - they are usually the sweetest of your children.

One day, that youngest could become a testy teenager.

Kate Tiejte, a blogger for parenting site, created an online uproar when she wrote an entire column about how she prefers her younger son over her older daughter.

Other parenting bloggers said Tiejte may have caused long-term harm for her daughter, and should have written her blog anonymously.

Professor Lelli advises, if you have a favorite child, keep it to yourself.

"I think that if, as long as you keep your emotions in check that will help keep your children's emotions in check and all will be well in your family," said Professor Lelli.

Professor Lelli has two children of her own. I put her to the test and asked which one was her favorite.

"Michael is 11-years-old and Juliana is 9-years-old. I do not have a favorite but it is very true that there are attributes that both hold, and there are characteristics that I do like differently," she said.

She says, you can love your children equally.

This topic lit up my Facebook page. When it comes to your children, do you pick favorites? Join in on the debate.

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