Local postal workers play 'Santa Claus'

PHILADELPHIA - December 6, 2011

Post Office officials say people are just as generous this year as they have always been.

"I had one group of businesses sponsor 40 families," said Lisa Layman.

Employees at Aberdeen Asset Management say their manager got involved in Operation Santa in college and brought the idea to them.

"People ask for food and clothes and they are things that drive us to keep coming back every year," said John Cerrone.

The Post Office encourages people who want to help to focus on letters that make basic requests.

"Helping to pay for rent or a heating bill, or the ones who ask for a job for their parent," said Cathy Yarosky.

Dan Porter was touched by a letter from a single mother, asking for beds for her children.

"It's always nice to give back to charity but when you can directly give to these people and see their gifts going directly to them, it's very nice," said Porter.

Along with the idea of giving back, for some it's simply become a tradition.

"It's become a nice tradition for our company. Everyone gets excited about it and every year it gets bigger and bigger," said Caitlain Pickhaver.

At the end of the day spreading the holiday cheer is number one on their priority list.

"To be able to help someone in a small way, I know it means so much," said Lois Best.

For anyone interested, volunteers may read and select letters at the Main Post Office located at 3000 Chestnut Street.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 12 noon until 5:00 p.m.

Volunteers that mail packages are responsible for paying for the postage.

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