Grinch can't deflate family's Christmas spirit

EAST PIKELAND TWP., Pa. - December 12, 2011

Their house is the one in the neighborhood known for its festive, high-energy Christmas display.

But over the weekend, someone slashed several of their inflatables, reducing them to ripped puddles of nylon on the lawn.

"Bah humbug! I couldn't believe it. This is for the kids," Sharon McWilliams said.

East Pikeland police were alerted of the vandalism.

Officer Patrick Ehmann says all it took was a single slash with some type of straight edged object.

But then he noticed, before he left, that the homeowner came back to the scene of her front yard.

"When I last left, the resident was bringing out her needle and thread and her sewing machine. She was going to see what she could do as far as repairing them" Ehmann said.

Sharon was not about to be defeated or deflated by some Christmas spoilsport.

"I got out my Singer sewing machine and started sewing," Sharon said.

Thanks to her handiwork, when you flip the switch on her display, up pops Santa and all his friends; they may be bruised, but certainly not beaten.

"Take that Grinch. You can't keep the McGriswolds down. That's our nickname in the neighborhood," Sharon said.

For those responsible, it is hoped they stay away because, thanks to a needle and thread, Santa is once again watching.

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