Parenting Perspective: The Reason for the Season

December 19, 2011

We have one last week to make it count and shift our focus to make this a season of giving. I browsed online and found a couple of simple tips on

We have a library of special Christmas books, but somehow we did forget to take them out this year. The first tip was to read Christmas stories together. I'm going to start that tonight.

Another suggestion is to display a nativity with your holiday decorations. Just yesterday I overheard my son playing with the figures and it was sweet to see him talk about Jesus and Mary.

It's also suggested that you hand an Advent calendar and light the advent wreath together. We like to encourage good deeds during Advent and had a great suggestion for that. They suggest you make a family manger out of a shoe box and use "good deeds hay". Write a good deed on a strip of paper and use the paper to keep baby Jesus warm and cozy.

The last tip is to plan a father gathering. We have many of those, but this week we're going to start a new tradition and watch "It's a Wonderful Life" together. It seems like the perfect movie to help take the focus off of presents and on values.

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