Delco man arrested for 08' stabbing death of father

MIDDLETOWN TWP., Pa. - December 21, 2011

The 26-year-old was arrested and charged with the 2008 stabbing death of his father Arunkumar Ingle.

His father was found brutally murdered by his wife inside their Middletown Township home.

The motive, police say was a history of domestic turmoil in the household. Ingle and his father had repeatedly clashed over the father's multiple extramarital affairs.

Ingle was convicted earlier this year of using spyware to track his father's travels to the home of a mistress.

Then there is an issue of money, the suspect's father had taken out life insurance policies worth well over $3 million.

"Financial gain, life insurance policies, his issues with his father and his father engaging in an extramarital are part of it," said Lt. Anthony Siva.

Ingle has been the number one suspect since the killing but police say the investigation is ongoing and others may be prosecuted down the line.

Ingle's lawyer says his client is being railroaded.

"The affidavit I looked at tells me they have nothing more than they had three months after the homicide. It wasn't enough to arrest him then and I don't believe it's enough to arrest him now," said John Kusturiss.

The quiet neighborhood has been rattled by gruesome crime.

"It's very sad. I think everything is very sad because I knew Parth. I was more upset at the fact that no one had solved anything," said Kathy Jordan.

Ingle was taken to county jail, where he is ineligible for parole.

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