Top 5 'Wow Deal Destinations' for 2012

January 2, 2012

Travelzoo compiles great deals and according to its editors, here are the Top 5 Wow Deal Destinations for 2012..

"Japan, the Mediterranean for cruising specifically, Orlando, Florida and Thailand," Travelzoo Senior Editor Gabe Saglie said.

Tourism in Japan and Thailand took a big hit after natural disasters in 2011, so both countries want to attract overseas travelers ASAP.

"We're already seeing for the first three or four months of 2012, five-star hotels like the Four Seasons in Tokyo at under $200 a night, so at least 50% off what we would have seen a year ago. Three-star hotels in major cities under $100 a night," Saglie said.

The Four Seasons in Bangkok is offering 65-percent off, $138 a night! Plus, the US dollar is strong in Thailand, as it is in Costa Rica.

A package that includes airfare from PHL to Costa Rica and 7-night's accommodations is $949, that's $600 off!

"So you sort of get a taste of the natural wonders Costa Rica has to offer within a one-week trip; breakfast is included and some tours down there as well," Saglie said.

Stiff competition among cruise lines in the Mediterranean means lower prices.

"Night cruises for under $600 and in some cases under $550 per person," Saglie said.

To vacation stateside, consider Orlando and staying at someone else's timeshare.

"Nightly rates at some of these timeshares are as low as $30 or $40 a night and anywhere you stay, this is a haven for the extras, breakfast is included, free shuttle to your favorite resort is included," Saglie said.


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