Turn your fitness resolutions into reality - 6at4

January 5, 2012 2:54:02 PM PST
If you have resolved to get fit in 2012, but aren't sure how to get started or how to stay on track, we have some tips for you.

Two years ago Maggie Arbogast resolved to get fit in the new year after after seeing this photo of herself from Christmas Day.

"I just decided that is was time to make a change I didn't like what I saw and I didn't like how I felt."

Since then, she's lost 80 pounds. How did she do it?

She credits lifestyle changes: working out with a trainer and tweaking her diet.

Fitness director, Hannah Purbe with The Sporting Club at the Bellevue says Maggie did it right Each New Year brings a packed gym with people vowing to get in shape but by March gym activity dwindles. "A lot of time it's unrealistic goals," Purbe says, "they might do 7 days the first week and then they're too sore and they kind of fall off the wagon."

Hannah says to reach your fitness goal in 2012 set a routine and start out slow: In the beginning try 3 times a week for an hour.

If you haven't worked out in a while, Hannah suggests to take advantage of the trainers staffed at your gym. Even if you meet just once, the trainer can help get you started on a program plus show you exercises and how to use the equipment without getting hurt.

Then once you're in a routine, mix it up to stay motivated.

"I believe in circuit training, keeping your heart rate high so you can benefit from cardiovascular workout and weight training."

Hannah says the best way to increase your metabolic rate is through squats, push-ups and lunges which target bigger muscle groups.

Also, don't get discouraged. Most people give up when they don't see the scale tip down.

"Just try and stay focused on the fact that you have more energy and your body is feeling great and your feeling tighter."