Roy Disney family mulls bid for Dodgers

January 9, 2012 5:35:52 PM PST
The family of the late Roy E. Disney is in talks with other investors about making a joint bid to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers out of bankruptcy.

The talks were confirmed Monday by Clifford Miller, managing director of the Disney family's investment vehicle, Shamrock Holdings.

Roy Disney was the nephew of Walt Disney, but the family's investments are not directly tied to the operation of The Walt Disney Co. itself.

Miller said Stanley Gold, the CEO of Shamrock, is seriously exploring investing in the team along with the Disney family and other investors, including several in the Los Angeles area.

Gold has gone through the process of qualifying the investor group to make a bid by the Jan. 23 deadline and the group is examining the team's financials.

Disney is the parent company of 6abc.