Photos released of Old City beating suspects

January 21, 2012 5:22:02 PM PST
Police have released the names and pictures of the three young men charged in last weekend's savage beating death of 23-year old Kevin Kless.

23 year old Feliz Carillo from Logan, 20 year old Steven Ferguson from Northeast Philadelphia, and 19 year old Kenneth Santiago from Juniata Park were picked up late Friday evening and charged with murder.

They are the faces of the young men Philadelphia Police say beat 23 year old Kevin Kless and left him to die on the sidewalk in the historic district of Old City.

Police sources say the men confessed to jumping out of a green Toyota Camry a week ago on Chestnut Street and attacking Kless.

Police have not released much information about the suspects who they say were out partying in Old City that night, despite the fact two of the men are under the legal drinking age.

Kless was trying to hail a cab for his girlfriend and another friend when words were exchanged with the suspects.

Their neighbors didn't know them well, and investigators say they all have good records.

Police say they received a tip about one of the men bragging about the deadly encounter. A $20,000 reward also helped generate leads.