Deal for Boy Scouts HQ in Philly falls through

Shown is the city-owned Boy Scouts headquarters in Philadelphia, Monday, June 14, 2010. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

January 31, 2012 4:47:59 AM PST
The Boy Scouts of America say a plan has fallen through that would have granted the organization possession of its city-owned headquarters to resolve a dispute with the City of Philadelphia over the group's antigay policies.

An attorney for the Boy Scouts said in a filing Friday the deal is unlikely to be approved by City Council.

The deal was hatched in 2010 to compensate the Scouts for legal fees racked up in its successful defense of an eviction try by the city over policies that discriminate against gays.

The city unsuccessfully sought to raise the Scouts' annual rent from $1 to $200,000 or kick them out of the building. In 2010 a federal jury found the city had violated the Scouts' First Amendment rights by trying to evict them.