6at4 Business Report: iPad 3, gas prices, home sales

February 27, 2012 1:57:23 PM PST
Keeping an eye on gas prices, and the iPad 3 may be on its way to the U.S.

Gas Prices Rising
After rising more than 10¢ in a week, gas prices held steady. The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded is now $3.70 a gallon. In the Philadelphia 5-county metro area, prices are slightly higher at $3.74 a gallon. According to the American Automobile Association southern New Jersey is the lowest in our area at $3.57 a gallon. Prices in Delaware are just below that national average at $3.67 per gallon.

Existing Home Sales
The number of Americans signing contracts to buy previously owned homes - rose more than forecast in January and this is happening as buyers return to the market amid continued progress in the jobs sector. One economist told us its home affordability that's keeping the housing market afloat.

Customers & Big Banks
A new JD Power report says even more people are switching banks now because of higher fees and poor service. Large, regional and midsize banks are losing customers who are heading to smaller banks and credit unions. That trend is up 10% this year, a gain from 8% last year. Some banks are even offering promotions and cash incentives to get people to switch over to them.

iPad 3 on the Horizon?
There's another sign the iPad 3 is coming soon! The blog 9to5Mac says postings to Chinese social media sites indicate shipments may have already left China for New York, Los Angeles and Chicago under tight security, for delivery march 9th. Meantime, Best Buy now offering $50 off every iPad 2 model on its website.

Giant Book Donation
Giant Food grocery store donated the 750 books to the Wilmington Public Library. Today Mayor James Baker helped celebrate the contribution at the branch. Giant officials say this is part of their continued mission to help boost literacy in the community.