6at4 Business Report: iPad, Netflix, Starbucks

March 7, 2012 2:35:39 PM PST
A new iPad is coming; how much did it help Apple Stock? Plus Netflix is looking to team with cable and

Apple stock up slightly
Of course all the hoopla today was surrounded by Apple as they announced the new iPad. So you might imagine with a new 4G-LTE iPad that has a sharper display, faster processor and voice dictation that the stock would shoot higher. In fact, the stock was lower for much of the day after the company said its keeping the iPad2 and cutting the price to $399. Apple stock closed up 43¢. You can read more about the new iPad release and vote in our poll about it by following this link

Netflix may partner with cable
Netflix is considering partnering up with cable operators to offer its service as part of their premium line-up. Netflix is looking for ways to expand its streaming business and fight off competition from the likes of amazon.com, itunes and HBO. However, the company's CEO Reed Hastings doesn't expect it to happen in the immediate future.

Starbucks opens European concept store
Starbucks new store in Europe is really out of this world! It's Starbucks' first European concept store in Amsterdam. The store is located in the vault of the historic Amsterdam Bank. When doors open this Friday, it'll be the biggest starbucks store in all of Europe. It has a stage for local bands, poetry readings and other cultural activities. The ceiling is sculpted with more than 1,800 hand-cut wooden blocks.The concept store will serve as a test space for rare and exclusive coffees.