Bandit goes on spree using fake credit cards - 6at4

April 3, 2012 3:35:23 PM PDT
A man was released from the hospital only to find that someone had a field day with his credit cards.

"I am pissed off some one could do this to me, I don't bother people," said Mark Young of Feasterville, Pa. "I am a hard worker."

For decades Young has tried to give back to society as a volunteer fireman.

But last month while flat on his back during an operation at Hahnemann Hospital, police say an unknown man seen in surveillance video went to work in a very criminal way with Mark Young's credit information.

"While in the hospital, it looks like someone took his credit card information, made a duplicate and used the card in Philadelphia and New Jersey," said Lower Southampton Police Lieutenant Ted Krimmel.

The heavyset man in the video recorded on March 14 nonchalantly went about his business running up more than $650 worth of gift cards.

"I am pissed someone could do this," Young told Action News. "I have a family."

Young is baffled how the thief got the information from his two-week old card. He says the actual card, which had a flag motif, was always in his or his fiancee's possession during the surgery. It's baffling.

"Yes, I didn't know how someone could use my card in a store without actually having my card," he said. "But they did."

Credit card thieves can be pretty sophisticated. Raw credit card data stolen off a legitimate card can be transferred to duplicate cards that can appear genuine down to bogus holograms.

It's not known how sophisticated the perpetrator in this case is, or if he is working with others. He may drive a gold-colored GM SUV.

Lower Southampton Police hope you will look closely and if you know the guy in the surveillance video you will call them.

Anyone who can identify him is asked to contact Detective Eric Landamia, (215) 357-1235 ext. 339 or