Family of missing Ariz. girl pleas for her return

Pictured: Isabel Mercedes

April 25, 2012 6:41:55 PM PDT
The parents of a 6-year-old girl who disappeared from her home over the weekend said Wednesday they will do anything to ensure her return.

Dressed in white T-shirts that read "Bring Isa Home," Becky and Sergio Celis pleaded in front of TV cameras for whoever has their "baby girl Isabel" to make their demands known.

"Just please, please, the person or persons who have Isabel, tell us your demands. Tell us what you want. We will do anything for her," Sergio Celis said while choking back tears.

The couple expressed gratitude to investigators and to people who have prayed for Isabel.

Surrounded by friends and volunteers who have been passing out fliers, Sergio Celis also promised that the search for his daughter would never end.

"We are looking for you, Isa. We love you and we miss you so much. We will never give up," he said.

The parents did not take questions from reporters who were gathered in a shopping center parking lot where police had established a command post.

This was the first time Isabel's parents spoke publicly since Isabel was reported missing Saturday. The first-grader's parents have told police they last saw her in her room Friday night and they awoke Saturday to find her missing. Police said a window was open with the screen pushed aside.

Tucson police have said they consider the case a suspicious disappearance and possible abduction.

Police Chief Roberto Villasenor said he still hopes to find Isabel alive.

Police said specially trained FBI profilers went through the family's home Tuesday to get a firsthand look inside and a better understanding of what the evidence looks like. Authorities would not elaborate on what that evidence was.

A reward being offered by the Pima County attorney's office for information about the case has grown to $30,000, thanks to contributions and promised donations.